Science Hub

Aimed at Heads of Department and Leaders within School Science Departments this event is an opportunity to meet and discuss strategies, share good practice and network with other local colleagues with a focus on improving the progress of all our students.

Led by Lead Practitioner for Science at The Polesworth School, Dr James Bullous, these “teach meet” style events should take about an hour, with the first one taking place at The Polesworth School after half term.

A potential agenda for this first meeting could include:


1. CPD opportunities in the area for Science teachers – Chris Catto (STEM Representative and Science Learning Partnership Co-ordinator)
2. New GCSE specs, different approaches to delivery
3. Challenges in ongoing assessment at KS4

If you are looking to build links with other local leaders, and developing your own knowledge, understanding and skills, then you should be involved with this event

North Warwickshire/South East Staffordshire Science Leaders Networking Event

WHEN: MONDAY 3 JULY 2017, 3.30pm
WHERE: The Polesworth School, Dordon Road, Polesworth, B78 1QT