Programmes Developing People

Our priority is to develop all aspects of teaching, learning and leadership through a comprehensive CPD offer which includes the opportunity to:

  • Increase ITT engagement
  • Retain and develop Newly Qualified Teachers
  • Develop teaching, learning and relationships
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop teaching assistants
  • Develop support staff

Research suggests that the type and quality of CPD that schools offer really matters when it comes to improving teacher effectiveness and pupil attainment.

Usually, effective CPD is:

  • supported by the school’s leadership
  • sustained over at least two terms
  • includes expert input, peer collaboration, and opportunities for teachers to consider and experiment with their learning, receive feedback and the opportunity to

Increasingly, research has been used to inform practice. Research suggests that three areas are important:

  1. Climate, including relationships, expectations and mindsets
  2. Instructional approach, including effective modelling, questioning, guided and independent practice and responsive teaching
  3. Memory and building knowledge based on explicit teacher

Our teaching and learning development programmes encompass these three principles.