Design and Technology Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)

This course provides subject knowledge support for trainees who have accepted a conditional offer on an ITT course who need to improve their practical skills and understanding in Design and Technology.

The D&T Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course has been designed with the aim of helping you to develop a deeper understanding of basic D&T concepts with particular focus on the Design and Make process that is the cornerstone of the D&T Curriculum.

The course is flexible and is designed to fit around your time commitments.  You may spend 1 day a week in school and work alongside us if you wish.  The aim is to provide the depth of knowledge that you need to teach secondary D&T confidently and competently. The course reflects the current national curriculum content.

What you’ll study

The course is designed to develop the subject knowledge you require to teach Design and Technology in secondary schools at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

The focus is on:

  • knowledge, understanding and skills, within all areas of D&T
  • an awareness of the nature of teaching and learning within secondary D&T
  • communication and team skills

I chose to do my SKE course with Polesworth School because they were the most enthusiastic about encouraging me and helping me to get the most out of my time in school. On meeting representatives at a Warwick University information evening they immediately encouraged me to apply for their School Direct course and the SKE course. I spent time observing classes as well as developing my subject knowledge through student interaction. By the end of my SKE course I felt confident about being in classes and returning to the school for my placement in September.
Alex, D&T

Before the summer holiday I undertook a SKE which was provided by the Polesworth School. The reason for this was to be able to secure my place on a School Direct Trainee placement for Design and Technology and for that reason I needed to undertake one. As my degree is not in Design and Technology the school wanted to ensure that my subject knowledge was exceptional. This was something at the time that I had never heard of and, to be honest I was unsure what was going to happen. The main areas that were focused on were health and safety with the equipment used in all of the subject areas in Design and Technology and to also make sure that I had a sound knowledge of food hygiene. The whole purpose of these activities and training days was to ensure that I would be able to work with others safely within the practical Design and Technology environment. Most of the training took place within school and a representative from the DATA organization would teach and assess my health and safety skills. I did however have the opportunity to go to another school and see their department and I was also able to attend a training day in Birmingham. This was a brilliant experience as I was able to network with other teachers and receive great advice and ideas on teaching practices and projects. I met some great people who I still chat to now while I am training; it helped me to understand how supportive the teaching community is. This training was extremely valuable and I am so pleased that I made the time for it before the summer holidays. If I was to do it now I think I would struggle due to time restrictions whilst training and it would also limit my teaching experience within the practical environment. Lastly, another plus side to completing a SKE within a school is that by completing it at the Polesworth School this meant that I was supported by the brilliant Design and Technology department.
Jenni, D&T