SKE – Computing

The course will be run by ICT and Computing teachers who have experience teaching Year 7 to 11.

The aim is to deliver a programme which will:

  • Refresh and enhance your skills across all Key Stages in both Computing and ICT
  • Discuss student’s common misconceptions
  • Provide examples for you to practice
  • Provide you with the opportunity to spend time with staff undertaking lesson observations

The course that we can offer is flexible and can be tailored to suit your lifestyle.  There is the opportunity to spend time in school, or the course can be completed via distance learning.  We will provide links to further support your studies, resources, relevant text books used in school and offer time to discuss any questions you may have during face to face meetings at a time which suits you.

The following is an example of the topics and skills we can cover (The programme will be tailored to meet your requirements)

Topics and Skills:

  • CyberCrime
  • Using Algorithms
  • Programming – Using ‘Text based’ such as Python and ‘Visual’ such as Scratch.
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Hardware – For example exploring Von-Neumann Architecture/Logic Gates/Fetch-Execute Cycle
  • Data Representation – For example Binary, Hexadecimal and Denary numbers
  • The Internet – For example differences between the WWW and the Internet, and exploring client/server models.
  • Using Databases/Spreadsheets/Web Design and other school based project ideas
  • Exam Technique

You will be given a teacher to work with throughout the programme.  For our programme to be tailored to your individual needs initially, you will be asked to complete a skills checklist which we will be used to help identify any gaps in your knowledge and skills.  We also ask that you gather the specific pathways taught by school, this will allow us to ensure that the programme is delivered specifically for you.  We will use this information to reflect on your progress at the end of the programme.

We look forward to supporting your journey in becoming an ICT and Computing teacher.

Vicki Mann

Head of ICT and Computing

The Wilnecote School