Languages Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course

The Language SKE course is run by a dynamic and enterprising Language department, teaching French and German to A Level, comprising six very experienced teachers, including 3 native speakers and language assistants.

We can offer you a flexible, bespoke Subject Knowledge Enhancement Course, designed to help you to brush up your language skills, or indeed we can help you learn these languages from scratch.  Whilst the language SKE is a blended model of delivery, it may be possible to conduct some sessions via Skype if this is more convenient for you.

Initially, we would assess what level you are at and discuss what you would like to achieve. The SKE can last 8 – 32 weeks depending on the level of support you are looking for.

Whilst the course is bespoke, it will involve the following elements:

  • grammar,
  • speaking skills (you will have one-to-one conversation sessions with a native speaker on a weekly basis),
  • listening and reading skills
  • written work.

Homework is set weekly and will be corrected with prompt feedback. It is expected you will undertake regular vocabulary learning and familiarize yourself with target language websites, particularly the news.  There will also be an expectation to take on independent work between the sessions, like for example using resources on the Internet (YouTube, Kerboodle), to increase continuity or help with revision prior to a session.

We are happy to discuss different ways in which you can use your skills to teach and we will help by sharing teaching materials. We can observe you teaching with your new skills and provide feedback to help you progress further.

Assessment is continual and a certificate is provided following successful completion outlining your level of achievement.

The main advantage of doing a SKE alongside ITT is being able to make best use of the various resources within the school.  My SKE has been tailored to my needs, through input and discussion between me, my subject mentor and others within the department.  My SKE takes a blended approach: I spend 2 hours per week in lessons (with Year 12 class), 1 hour per week with a foreign language assistant (1:1) and complete 2 hours per week of self-study.  I have been able to access a plethora of resources from within the department (lesson resources, text books, etc) and having dedicated 1:1 time with a native speaker is just fantastic!  In addition to this, as part of the SKE I am taking part in a Y12 work experience abroad exchange programme which the school runs in partnership with a Belgium school.  This will comprise a week intensive course, living with a Belgian family and being completely immersed in the language and culture, which is a fantastic experience in itself, but also has been included as part of the SKE provision.