Welcome to our SKE course at The Polesworth School.

The course is run by maths teachers who have experience teaching across the full age range of Year 7 to 13.

We aim to deliver a programme which will:

  • refresh and enhance your maths skills at GCSE and A Level
  • provide opportunities to discuss common misconceptions
  • work through challenging questions
  • direct you to further examples to practice
  • include lesson observations (optional)

The course is flexible and is designed to fit around your lifestyle.  You may spend 1 day a week in school and work alongside us, or alternatively you can do all your studying at home.

You will be given links to help with the further study of key topics and time will be given in school for discussion of any questions arising through meetings arranged to suit you.

The following is a plan of the topics we can cover.

Number  GCSE
Algebra  GCSE
Shape  GCSE
Data  GCSE
Core 1  AS Level
Core 2  AS Level
Core 3  A2 Level
Core 4  A2 Level


You will be allocated one teacher to work with throughout the programme.  The course is bespoke and initially, we will ask you to complete a skills checklist which we will use to help us identify the gaps in your knowledge and deliver a course to address your needs and which will be used later to reflect on your progress at the end of your course.

We look forward to being part of your journey towards becoming a maths teacher.

Frin Baron
Head of Maths
The Polesworth School

Not only was the subject matter covered, the very experienced course tutors were always generous in providing hints and tips on how each topic may be effectively taught. Having completed the course, I had confidence in my own knowledge when preparing and delivering my first lessons, and the additional material covered allows me to enrich my lessons .

Duncan, Maths

One of the main worries I had about starting my School Direct placement was subject knowledge. I had been living abroad for over ten years and it had been a long time since I had studied maths. When I was offered a position through The Polesworth School it was suggested I complete a 20-week SKE course and I was put in touch with a teacher at the school. I was provided with a range of resources to work through and was welcomed to contact my mentor at any time with questions or problems. Since The Polesworth wasn’t too far from my home, I was also encouraged to visit the school in person. I spent about 3 weeks observing lessons, meeting other members of the maths department and even got to help with the annual maths event. It was an invaluable start to my PGCE and I can’t thank the staff enough.

Rebecca, Maths