National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO)


Delivered through our accredited partner, The Best Practice Network, the National Award for SEN Coordination (NASENCO) is a statutory requirement for all SENCos and the Trust supports this excellent opportunity for professional development for its experienced and aspiring SENCos.


The programme:

  • enables an understanding of the statutory and regulatory context for SEN and disability equality and the implications for practice in their school or work setting
  • provides an overview of the principles and practice of leadership in different contexts
  • discusses how SEN and disabilities affect students’ participation and learning
  • explore strategies for improving outcomes for studentswith SEN and/or disabilities
  • develop strategic working practices
  • allows for the critical evaluation about learning, teaching and assessment in relation to students with SEN to inform practice
  • draws on external sources of support and expertise
  • Provides the opportunity to develop, implement, monitor and evaluation relevant systems


Delivered by Best Practice Facilitators and experienced CAT SENCos


Aspiring SENCos  Individuals who hold Early Years Initial Teacher Status are also able to gain the Award but this will only be recognised within the 0-5 sector.

Course commitment

This six-day programme is delivered over one academic year. SENCos on these programmes receive individual tutor support to ensure successful completion with online learning, a personal tutor assignments and production of an eportfolio of evidence.  This course is in conjunction with the University of Bath and has 60 Masters credits.


£1,795 + VAT all schools

Applicants should complete the online application form via Best Practice Network:  You will need the following codes to book:

The partner allocation code is: CATTS
The partner name is listed as Community Academies Trust Teaching School

Dates and Venue

The Polesworth School

Thursday 5 November 2018         09.30 – 15.30

Thursday 6 December 2018         09.30 – 15.30

Thursday 4 February 2019           09.30 – 15.30

Thursday 4 April 2019                  09.30 – 15.30

Thursday 6 June 2019                 09.30 – 15.30

Thursday 13 September 2019      09.30 – 15.30