Science Hub

The next opportunity for the networking group to meet will be next term. Make a date to join us! If you can’t join us face to face, or just want to stay connected with the group outside meetings, we’ve set up a private Facebook Group. If you’re on Facebook, simply type in the search bar:
“North Warwickshire and East Staffs Science Networking Group”
The agenda for the next meeting is:
1.CPD opportunities in the area for Science teachers – Chris Catto(STEM Representative and Science Learning Partnership Co-ordinator)
2.New GCSE specs, different approaches to delivery
3.Challenges in ongoing assessment at KS4
If you are looking to build links with other local leaders, and developing your own knowledge, understanding and skills, then you should be involved with this event. We would like to grow this network, so if you have colleagues you believe would benefit from attending or joining the Facebook group, do please extend an invitation.

WHEN: THURSDAY 22 MARCH 2018, 4.00 pm
WHERE: The Polesworth School, Dordon Road, Polesworth, B78 1QT

As we will be sharing resources and best practice, please bring a laptop and/or usb stick with you to these sessions.

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