TSST French Training

This course is a bespoke course, designed to meet your existing needs, whether it’s to learn French from scratch or to brush up your existing knowledge, this course will benefit you.

Benefits for the teacher

  • Raises quality of teaching and learning and contributes to schemes of work
  • Extends subject knowledge and work with other teachers from schools across the region
  • Wider teaching opportunities once you have completed your TSST
  • CPD Opportunity that can enhance your own work/life balance and interests through developing a new skill.

Benefits for the School

  • Helps to make existing staff more versatile and can reduce the impact of teacher recruitment shortage in Languages by enabling unqualified staff to fill gaps in language timetables.
  • Excellent CPD opportunity to offer to your existing staff
  • The school will receive a contribution to costs of a £400 Bursary upon successful completion, and full attendance, on this course.

How to Apply

New participants are always welcome and as the course is bespoke to your needs, the sessions will be useful to you whatever level you are at.

This training can take place in your school and be tailored to the training needs of your department.  Subject knowledge in French is provided through Rosetta Stone.  However, the resources, tips and methodologies are delivered through face to face sessions.  These skills are transferable across all language teaching, consequently is not language specific and is suitable for whole department CPD.

To discuss your TSST training needs for your language department, please contact catts@thepolesworthschool.com

Please complete the application form and return it to m.borders@thepolesworthschool.com