As part of the family of CAT schools you can benefit from this DfE funded and accredited training to support the improvement of subject knowledge in Secondary Maths, Core Maths, Physics and Maths Mastery for transition from primary to secondary. The Core Maths is suitable for GCE Science, Psychology and Geography teachers, the programme can be personalized to meet the mathematical content of these specifications.


The programme:
• improves subject knowledge
• provides pedagogy-based training
• develops teacher confidence


Delivered by Specialist Leaders of Education


Existing Teachers with QTS already teaching or would like to be able to teach these subjects in any of the following categories:
• Non-Subject Specialist Teacher whose initial training was not in Maths, Core Maths, Physics or Languages and who find themselves spending a considerable time teaching these subjects
• NQTs
• Ex-teachers who want to return to the teaching profession
• Y6 Maths Teacher requiring Maths Mastery subject knowledge to aid in KS2-KS3 transition.


The programme takes place over 8 face to face sessions and can be made bespoke to individual needs


Free to schools with £400 Bursary per participant


Meetings generally take place from 9.30 – 15.30 pm but there is flexibility with bespoke packages, contact catts@thepolesworthschool.com to discuss your requirements


Professional Learning and Development Centre, Polesworth

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